Master\’s Students

Master’s program “Government Information Systems Management”
Full-time 2 years program is oriented for building a strong team of IT-specialists in the sphere of eGovernance. By the end of the education the masters will become qualified specialists on information systems management. 
Office 330, Birzhevaya linia, 14, 199034, 
Vasilevsky Island, St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: +7(812)457-18-00
Dear students, we invite you to participate in the conferences:
“Digital Transformations & Global Society” 
The Conference “Digital Transformations & Global Society” will be held in June 23-24, 2016 as a part of the Joint Conference “Internet and Modern Society” (IMS-2016), which takes place in Saint - Petersburg annually since 1998 and brings together leading researchers and professionals in the field of Information Society issues.
All accepted papers will be published by Springer in Communications in Computer and Information Science Series (indexed in Scopus). English is the language of the DTGS2017 conference and of all submissions.
“Internet and Modern Society” (IS IMS-2017)
International Symposium “Internet and Modern Society” (IS IMS-2017) is mainly organized by ITMO University, held in St. Petersburg, from 21 to 24 June 2017, during the Information Society Week. Since 2017 International Symposium is a part of conference of the same name which is annual since 1998. Symposium consists of international events and will be held in the form of scientific seminars, round tables and a poster session.
Electronic Governance and Open Society:  Challenges in Eurasia (EGOSE 2017)
The EGOSE 2017 aims to address the main issues of concern within the Information Society, e-government, e-governance, and e-democracy. The Conference provides a platform for networking and collaboration of eGovernance experts in the Eurasian area.
All accepted papers will be published in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series (indexed in Scopus). English is the language of the EGOSE 2016 conference and of all submissions.

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