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E-Governance Center is a base for practice for practice of the postgraduate students of the  Government Information Systems Management Department.
The e-Governance Center was created in 2009 with the aim of intellectual and organization resources concentration, and for solving the urgent issues on creation and elaboration of the effective decisions on e-government and e-governance.
The Government Information Systems Management Department was created in 2011 on the base of the research and methodological potential of the e-Governance Center.
The education at the Master Program: Government Information Systems Management of ITMO University aimed at getting the practical skills on information systems. Theoretic classes enlarge the
necessary  knowledge for working on real individual of collective project  (development and management of IT-project in governmental or commercial organization - Faculty's partner)
Government Information Systems Management Department's students participate in research and applied projects of e-Governance Center.  The promotion in the employment is given for the skillful students, successful in projects realization.
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